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COMMITTEE 2018-2019


President Margot Quinn    [email protected]

Vice-President x 2   

Greg & Cheryl Skene   [email protected]
Secretary Jenna McNeill   [email protected]
Treasurer / Public Officer Gavin Telford      [email protected]
Committee Anne Collins    
Committee Deborah Albert   [email protected]
Committee Toni McNeill   [email protected]
Committee Kevin Lee    
Committee Anna-Maria Lee    
Rescue / Rehome Officer Toni McNeill 0439 801 626 [email protected]
NWC Delegate Greg Skene   [email protected]
Patrons   Jenny Welsh Stormbay  
  Yvonne Lorenzi Stormbay  
Life Members Ian Doherty Martinique  
  Terry Crowley Martinique  



Dogs NSW Christmas Show - Saturday 21st December 6pm (time pending what time the show starts when the schedule is released)


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2019/2020 Membership Form


We thank Delete for their continued support of the Whippet Club of NSW

Contact Details

The Club Secretary
Sydney, NSW, Australia 
Phone : 0413 014 803 
Email : 
[email protected]



Rescue Officer
Phone : 0439 801 626
Email : [email protected]