Committee & Meetings

COMMITTEE 2016-2017


President Toni McNeill         [email protected]
Vice-President       Greg Skene   [email protected]
Secretary Margot Quinn    [email protected]
Treasurer / Public Officer Gavin Telford      [email protected]
Show Secretary Jenna McNeill   b[email protected]
Committee Stuart Boyd   [email protected]
Committee Aaron Chato   [email protected]
Committee Sandra Patterson   [email protected]
Committee Polly Telford   [email protected]
Committee Cheryl Skene   [email protected]
Committee Bec Kelly   [email protected]
Committee Michelle Broadley   [email protected] 
Rescue / Rehome Officer Toni McNeill 0439 801 626 [email protected]
NWC Delegate Greg Skene   [email protected]
Patrons   Jenny Welsh Stormbay  
  Yvonne Lorenzi Stormbay  
Life Members Ian Doherty Martinique  
  Terry Crowley Martinique  



Hound Club of NSW, 9th April during the luncheon break

Bill Spilstead Canine Complex Orchard Hills, NSW


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2016/2017 Membership Form


We thank Delete for their continued support of the Whippet Club of NSW

Contact Details

The Club Secretary
Sydney, NSW, Australia 
Phone : 0413 014 803 
Email : [email protected]



Rescue Officer
Phone : 0439 801 626
Email : w[email protected]